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Trailer World Katy Service Department

We are proud to serve SE Texas with our full-service department and mobile repair trucks to help you when you are stranded on the side of the highway. We know your time is important and will work efficiently to get your trailer back on the road as quickly as possible! We work on most every trailer on the road including: utility trailers, goosenecks, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, tilt trailers, enclosed trailers, landscape trailers, and equipment trailers (No Semi-trailers).

Maintenance on your trailer is the most important part of owning a trailer. The vast majority of trailers that you see broken down on the side of the road could have been prevented with proper maintenance. A few simple steps to follow, have your bearings and brakes checked each year for grease and wear, and if your tires are over 5 years old, regardless of treadwear, replace them! Old tires develop cracks and dry rot and eventually cause a blowout. Most importantly, never overload your trailer, this will cause many things to fail including bearings, spindles, axles, springs, and will even crack or bend the frame. Pay attention to the gross weight of the trailer, minus the gross weight by the empty weight of the trailer and you will have your max load amount.

Need your trailer back in a hurry, call today to schedule an appointment at 281-392-7909 so we can schedule same day service on your trailer.

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