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Mar 2021


MAXXD POWDER COATING technique has been perfected through years of experience.

These trailers display great quality and finishing! MAXXD design captures the different work challenges businesspeople face every day. Additionally, the engineers at MAXXD have taken real work experiences, as well as work conditions when designing heavy duty trailers, that exceeds the expectations of our clients, these trailers are versatile and easy to operate. POWDER COAT is one of the greatest features of the MAXXD Trailers. Paint that last long and stronger, resulting in a better-looking trailer that holds its resale value much better.

What is MAXXD Powder Coating?

An advanced method of applying a protective finish to virtually any type of metal. The powder use in this process is a mix of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface of the trailer. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded trailer. The powder is heated and fused into a smooth coating in the curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality, and attractive finish.Powder coating is the fastest growing finishing technology in North America, and when it comes to Powder Coated Trailers; MAXXD has been leading the pack for many years, therefore, they have the infrastructure and technical knowledge to execute the process flawlessly.

Here are the 6 steps of MAXXD Powder Coating Process:

  1. Sand Blasting: Removes metal scaling left behind during manufacturing process, it is also roughen the surface for better adhesion.
  2. Alkaline Wash: Removes all moisture that blasting did not remove.
  3. Preheat Process: Removes all moisture from the trailer including in between cracks and inside welds that the air-dry process does not.
  4. Primer Coat: Standard primer coat with much better corrosion resistance than a direct to metal application.
  5. Color Powder Coat: A one cure technology with the primer allows for better adhesion between primer and color powder as well as to the metal.
  6. Cure Process: Full cure to make sure the powder is fully bonded to the metal.
  7. Why Powder Coating? To give the MAXX-D Trailers one of the longest lasting, and most color-durable quality finishes available. These trailers surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.
  8. Here at Trailer World of Katy we focus our efforts on working with manufactures who built trailers that last. Therefore, MAXXD High Quality Trailers make the top of the list for us! Moreover, with a proven track record of 20 plus years serving the industry MAXXD trailers are reputable not only because their excellent design but also great workmanship.


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